Wall Financial Corporation was incorporated under the laws of British Columbia in 1969. The Company is focused on the development, acquisition, and management of residential and commercial income producing properties, the development and sale of single and multi-family housing, and the development and management of hotel properties. All of the Company’s current activities are concentrated in Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The total Company portfolio as at January 21, 2022 contains 1,406 residential and commercial rental units and 934 hotel rooms.

Governance Structure

The Company is governed by the Board who follow the corporate governance guidelines established for public companies.  In January 2005, the Company formalized its governance policy by adopting a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, a Disclosure Policy, and an Insider Trading Policy.  The Board has three committees: the Audit Committee, the Management and Investment Committee, and the Governance and Nomination Committee.

The Audit Committee consists of three directors, all of whom are independent directors.  The Audit Committee operates pursuant to the Audit Committee Charter of the Company and meets quarterly to review internal controls and financial disclosure including the consolidated financial statements and management’s discussion and analysis.

The Management and Investment Committee consists of three directors, all of whom are independent directors. The Management and Investment Committee meets quarterly or as needed to review new development projects, and to review and administer agreements related to the participation of related parties in development projects.

The Governance and Nomination Committee consists of two directors, all of whom are independent directors.  The Governance and Nomination Committee meets at least annually and as needed to review the Board composition and the effectiveness of the Board, to review all significant proposed related party transactions for any potential conflict of interest, to monitor and review the Company’s Code of Conduct, and to review and recommend executive compensation.

Corporate Information

Wall Financial Corporation
Peter Ufford
Darcee Wise
Sasha Voth
Oliver Borgers
Michael Redekop
Bruno Wall
Wall Financial Corporation
Peter Ufford
Chair of Board
Bruno Wall
Sascha Voth
Vice-President, Hotel Operations
Stock Exchange

Wall Financial is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Its symbol is WFC and the CUSIP number is 931902.Total shares issued and outstanding:  32, 453, 365

Transfer Agent

Computershare Investor Services
510 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC   V6C 3B9

Head Office

Wall Financial Corporation
1010 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC   V6Z 2R9
Telephone:  604.893.7131
Facsimile:  604.893.7179

Annual Reports

Wall Financial Corporation Annual Report
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